Utilities and Industry


Data eXcellence offers targeted data migration and data quality solutions for utility companies and the industrial sector. We know market-specific processes such as Customer Care & Billing and (Utilities) Asset Management. We understand the need for a high-quality connections register and correct measurement data for customer and market processes.

We understand the dynamics of the manufacturing industry and appreciate the importance of data for Product Lifecycle Management. Data eXcellence has extensive experience in resolving data issues within this domain: from purchasing to sales, from finances to customer contact and from production to transport. We ensure that your product structures and Bill of Materials are correct and complete when becoming available in the new application landscape.

High-quality data is essential for the execution of these processes. Data eXcellence has the necessary knowledge and the right tools to provide your (new) CRM and ERP implementation with correct and reliable data!

Data migration and data quality

Data eXcellence has in-house specialists who support you in the migration of your data: determining an appropriate strategy, implementing the data migration and ascertaining the correctness and completeness. Our specialists are also perfectly suited for providing insight into the quality of your data and supporting you in improving data quality.

We have specialist tools, the necessary infrastructure, reference models and standard building blocks for performing data migrations and data quality assignments.

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How we work

Data eXcellence is your reliable partner for data migration. We combine a solid understanding of your business with a comprehensive understanding of data migration. You can rely on our specialists to speak your language.

Users, auditors, supervisors and accountants must be able to verify the data migration. That is why we offer a comprehensive audit framework with an audit trail, audit counts, fraud prevention and fully automated testing.

Partnerships are an important part of our solutions. We reuse knowledge and migration components for popular software platforms such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Exact Software and many others. The partnerships are important: they ensure a smooth migration process and enable us to resolve problems together.

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