Onboarding of credit card portfolios

This is a success story of the migration of the Cornèrcard portfolio to the credit card system of Vestigo. About how to lead credit card portfolios into your long-desired state of the art IT-landscape. Such a frightening transition may have kept you awake. So many pitfalls, customer reputation at stake, big IT spending, overtime, overbudget, out of control …. or failed altogether. DX managed to execute a sequence of successful credit card migrations, totalling 2+ million cards for Cornèrcard, a major Swiss card issuer. We brought in our in-depth migration and domain expertise, to carefully and always in control, migrate these credit card portfolios.

Goals were to onboard in a big-bang migration scenario and smoothly initiate operation in the new business environment. All this in a full 24/7 operation, with minimal interruptions and seamless financial processing takeover. While keeping this all barely visible for the cardholders. These complex, large-scale migration projects were designed to minimize risks, taking into account requirements regarding different markets, products and legacy systems. This is achieved by the DX stepwise approach, controlled and fully auditable, with early data migration tests to bring operational issues to light and gain full confidence.

The stepwise approach of DX is controlled and fully auditable, with early data migration tests to bring operational issues to light and gain full confidence.


Cornerstone in the migration solution is the DX developed business migration model. The model acts as a steppingstone for onboarding just any credit card portfolio to a modern, consolidated “multi-everything” card management platform. It has proven to be reusable over multiple migrations. This model is fitted with all business objects and rules for card usage and management. Like layered commercial and consumer client structures, limit & exposure, status management, transaction and billing cycle history, financial open cycle take-over, authorisations, disputes and so on and so on. The model incorporates reusable business rules. This speeds up decision-making in the development phase of successive onboarding cases.

A migration of credit cards is quite challenging. Not to mention the mapping of "old" products to a harmonised product model. The fact is that we can expect a sea of exceptions that have crept into the data over time. Expect on top of that data quality issues. Such as private clients having corporate cards. Hence, retaining customer rights and services can be a cumbersome task. DX migration engine provides matching and merging of product properties into the new product configuration and reporting the misfits. This will then be used to guide configuration alignment, data cleansing or the extension of transformation rules. Such a process runs throughout the project, up to zero rejections at the final migration. Blending in a legacy of costly exceptions into the harmonized world.

Turning these migration cases into successes is a joint effort between Cornèrcard, the credit card issuer, Vestigo, the target system, and DX as migration partner. Cheers for all. DX’s comprehensive data migration solution and commitment to excellence are key in the success of onboarding credit card portfolios.

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