Syntrus Achmea RE&F invests in mortgage services

September 11, 2017

June 19th, 2017 – Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance is going to invest heavily in further improving the provision of services to mortgage and mortgage management. Consumers and intermediaries will benefit from this in the coming years. “We are taking a big step forward,” says Hugo Ouwehand, director of the mortgage company.

New software gives the consumer and the intermediary each their own portal on the website. The consumer can maintain his mortgage, including updating his own data. The intermediary has insight into the mortgage offer at any time. The software is supplied by Topicus Finance, data migration is provided by Data eXcellence.

Hugo Ouwehand: “This investment fits our ambition to continue to improve service to consumers and intermediaries. The customer friendliness of our employees is already seen as a strong point in our organisation. The new portals give our relationships more insight into the mortgage and increase their self-reliance.”

Clint van Haalen, Managing Director Topicus Finance: “We are proud to contribute to the ambitious growth goals of Syntrus Achmea RE & F. “Customer and intermediary portals linked to a multi-label center and back office provide sustainable support for growth ambitions within the competitive mortgage market. ”

Guido Jurgens, Director of Data eXcellence: “As an experienced migration party and as a migration partner of Topicus, we like to contribute to the success of this step. Syntrus Achmea RE & F and Data eXcellence fit well together: we also have an unwavering focus on improving our service. We do this by continuously innovating technology and process and making these innovations available to our customers.”

Syntrus Achmea RE & F has provided mortgages to consumers for decades on behalf of institutional investors. Including Tellius and Attens Mortgages, the home mortgage portfolio is more than seven billion euros. Syntrus Achmea RE & F chooses to keep the service completely in house. Hugo Ouwehand: “We can tailor and match each component in the process. In our eyes, this guarantees the best service.”