Data eXcellence acquires data migration specialist ITCG

February 22, 2018

Nieuwegein, Netherlands, February 22nd, 2018 – Data eXcellence’s holding company has taken over ITCG Projects. Both are specialists in data migration and will be merged into one organisation. This take-over is an important step in Data eXcellence’s ambition to become the leading data migration specialist in Europe – in size as well as in experience.

Together ITCG and Data eXcellence have more than 50 data migration specialists with over 500.000 hours of experience in complex data migration projects.  Whereas DX focusses on the financial services industry, ITCG also delivers migrations to the public sector, telecommunication providers and utilities. With this take-over, Data eXcellence adds important sector-specific migration knowledge and can serve a broader market.

Harald Kikkers, ex-owner of ITCG
“In the past years ITCG has increasingly focussed on delivering data migration services.  This has brought us very satisfied clients and a closely-knit staff that are passionate about delivering migration services to these clients. With the sale of ITCG to Data eXcellence a next step has been taken in the development of ITCG. A step which allows ITCG to grow, to bundle the innovative strength with DX and to deliver a broader set of services to clients”

Guido Jurgens, director Data eXcellence
“The acquisition of ITCG signifies an acceleration in the Data eXcellence’s strategy to becoming the leading data migration specialist in Europe. ITCG has excellent people with an immense amount of experience that are passionate about their work. ITCG’s experience allows us to service more markets with a broader portfolio of migration products.

We expect that ITCG employees will feel right at home at DX, from the start it was clear there was a close culture fit. We look forward to integrating the two companies into one.”

About ITCG
ITCG helps organisations to carry out large data migrations, implement data warehouses and improve data quality. ITCG has been a specialist in data integration since 1998 and services the public sector, telecommunication providers, utilities and finance.

About Data eXcellence
Data eXcellence was founded in 2009 with a 100% data migration mission. DX offers complete data migration solutions mainly for banks, insurance companies and pension funds. Data eXcellence works together with various partners to provide clients with a 100% guarantee for correct, predictable and auditable data migration solutions.