Lease Data Migrations

The current-day transformation of the automotive finance and mobility sector is proceeding at an unprecedented pace. As the need for digitization continues to accelerate, leadership may instead focus on how quickly you can adopt the technology to avoid the risk of being left behind. Data-driven digital transformation is instrumental in the creation of new services.

Fast-growing market trends drive this train, such as:

  • Driver self-service via mobile applications
  • From ownership to usership, with subscription models
  • Mobility as a Service (MaaS), for all chain partners
  • Mobility solution diversification and integration (sharing, short-lease, rental, e-bike, …)
  • Transition towards zero-emission and sustainable mobility


Invaluable asset

Your data is an invaluable asset. The agility to migrate data to new business applications is a strategic enabler for extending your automotive finance and mobility services. Isn’t it exciting!

Such migration projects should be designed to maximize control and minimize risks. This requires a careful approach and a flawless migration solution. A successful migration results in a smooth transition with minimal interruptions while keeping this all barely visible to customers and partners.

We are convinced that you can’t do a data migration without understanding the business processing and information. Key in the DX approach is the Lease Business Object Model. It covers migration data and knowledge across the full lease value chain. This acts as a stepping stone for scoping, planning, and moving just any portfolio from just any legacy system to a modern, consolidated environment.

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