How we work

Mergers, take-overs, fast responses to new market opportunities, new constructions for IT systems or contracting out business processes. These are situations that involve data migration.

Data eXcellence is your reliable partner in data migration when the flawless transference of data is imperative. We combine a thorough knowledge of your business with a comprehensive understanding of data migration.

100% Guarantee

Data eXcellence guarantees a 100% accurate migration of your valuable data. This is achieved by building the data migration twice - using two different techniques. The implementations are tested with a comprehensive data set and compared. All migration testing is fully automated and continuous. Any omissions are tackled and restored. This process ultimately results in a 100% reliable and accurate data migration. That is how we guarantee a 100% data migration.


The security of your data is imperative. This is how we deal with it:

  • Independent: the data migration system runs independently of your system and your system requires no specific software
  • Encrypted: encryption is applied when exchanging data
  • Secured: work spaces: strictly-secured work spaces at our premises
  • Screening: screening of staff members, a certificate of moral conduct
  • Contract: a confidentiality agreement

All measures are implemented, secured and ISO 27001 certified. Specially appointed security officers monitor this.

Data cleansing

A source system may contain invalid data: data that cannot be migrated to the target system. Early on in the project, filters are constructed that cleanse this 'dirty' data. Cleansing simplifies the construction of the transformation rules as those rules can safely assume a correct data set. Also, it removes a source of errors in the target system caused by migrating 'dirty' data. Finally, cleansing makes failure count reporting a reliable measure for project progress. So, three good reasons to cleanse data as early in the project as possible!

Being in control

Users, auditors, supervisors and accountants need to be able to verify the data migration. That is why we offer an extensive control framework:

Audit trail

traceability of all processing

Control counts

Acceptance lists and control counts

Fraud prevention

Guard data integrity

Automated tests

Fully automated tests for transformation protocols

Our step-by-step approach

A 100% successful data migration requires taking the right steps in the right order. First step is to understand what needs to be done, by thorough analysis of the data, the application landscape and the business processes.

Next step is to design and build the transformations needed for the migration, twice. We build the data migration logic twice and compare the results. That way we have a fully automated system test of the data migration with 100% coverage. This assures 100% correct data migration software at the start of the next step: testing and accepting the data migration itself.

Testing the data migration is done in trial runs followed by a dress rehearsal run and the final production run. For each trial run we forecast and measure the completeness and correctness of the data migration. No trial and error, everything under control.

This step-by-step approach makes the process predictable and accountable. We love metrics and we hate surprises.  And we don’t like promises either, but demand proof. That’s our approach and it works! And that’s not a promise, but a fact.

In short

Working with Data eXcellence means: less stress, 100% security, complete control and no budgetary surprises.

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