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Data eXcellence provides specific data migration solutions to government and educational institutions in the Netherlands. Thanks to our knowledge of these domains, we provide targeted assistance with the implementation of a new case system, a student information system (SIS), an ERP system or a customised system.

Our approach is based on our extensive knowledge of these systems, both source and target. As a result, we perform high-quality data migrations, improve data quality and offer support in linking your systems with government key registers such as BAG, BRON, BRP or the Commercial Register.

We understand better than anyone else that high-quality data is essential for the execution of your processes. Data eXcellence has the necessary knowledge and tooling to provide your (new) SIS, corporate system or customised solution with correct and reliable data!

The assurance of working with real specialists

Data eXcellence has in-house specialists who support you in the migration of your data: from advising on an appropriate strategy, setting up a control framework to defining the migration rules. Our specialists have access to data quality analysis tools, reference models, data integration tools and, self-evidently, the ISO 27001-certified data migration factory.

These organisations opt for DX

Without fail, the employees show an enormous drive and sense of responsibility, which is reflected in a high level of flexibility. And these traits are subsequently supplemented with substantial knowledge and excellent quality of the work performed.

Michiel van Galen Last, Project Manager PVS, DUO

How we work

Data eXcellence is your reliable partner for data migration. We combine a solid understanding of the government sector with a comprehensive understanding of data migration. You can rely on our specialists to speak your language.

Users, auditors, supervisors and accountants must be able to verify the data migration. That is why we offer a comprehensive audit framework with an audit trail, audit counts, fraud prevention and fully automated testing.

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