Data eXcellence offers tailor-made solutions for financial service providers. We understand your products, processes and technologies, and speak your language! DX offers specific solutions for practically all banking and insurance products. In addition, DX experts carry out pension migrations on a regular basis. Characteristic for data migrations for financial service providers is that money is always migrated, from tens of millions (for example, in saving or investing) to many billions (in mortgages or pensions). Consequently, the requirements in terms of audits and accountability are extremely high.

Each domain has specific points for attention. Corporate actions in investments, for instance, can throw a spanner in the works when migrating. And long-term processes (such as interest rate adjustments) that need to be migrated after all during a mortgage migration. All in all, each domain has specific issues that need to be resolved. And DX has the experience to do just that.

100% correct data migration

Data eXcellence guarantees that the migration of your valuable data is 100% accurate. We achieve this by setting up and testing an independent control framework alongside the data migration and comparing the results against each other. We test continuously and fully automatically. The end result is that the data migration is 100% reliable and correct.

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Data eXcellence is een expert op het gebied van datamigratie en heeft naast het succesvol uitvoeren van de datamigratie een waardevolle bijdrage geleverd binnen het projectteam.

Arno Toonders, Rabobank IT Nederland

How we work

Data eXcellence is your reliable partner for data migration if an error-free transfer of data is an absolute requirement. We combine a solid understanding of your business and the financial sector with a comprehensive understanding of data migration. We guarantee that the data migration is 100% reliable and correct.

Data eXcellence is ISO 27001-certified and has been entrusted with confidential and special data of many of its customers. Our infrastructure and working method are fully geared to the safe processing of sensitive data and information.

Partnerships are an important part of our solutions. We reuse knowledge and migration components for popular software platforms such as SAP Banking, the Sopra Banking Platform, Topicus Force Suite and Fundation, BGS by Visma Idella and many others. The partnerships are important: they ensure a smooth migration process and enable us to resolve problems together.


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