Digitisation in industry

Smart Industry is the growth engine

Smart Industry is distinguished by technologies such as hyper-automation, IoT, smart factories and big data. Digitisation is driving these rapid developments and innovations in the (manufacturing) industry. These are the enablers for the integrated production chain. The result? A smarter, faster and more efficient production process!

Data is the fuel

Smart Industry forces changes in the IT landscape. And that new landscape simply cannot function without data. For example, master data is necessary to be able to produce in the first place. For example, customers, suppliers, products, parts lists and bill of materials. And transactional and historical data is also often needed to be able to prepare the production planning, for example. This makes data a critical success factor for the transformation to Smart Industry!

Want to know more?

Working on a rationalisation of the IT landscape?
Phasing out legacy systems?
Doing a package selection for (e.g.) a new ERP or CRM system?
Transitioning to the cloud?

Then there’s a good chance you will perform a data migration. And your business case depends on it. Read here how Data eXcellence can provide your target system with the right data in a controlled manner.

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