About TKP Pensioen

TKP is one of the biggest pension administration organisations in the Netherlands. More than 3.7 million Dutch people and 23 funds trust their services.

TKP Connect

TKP Pensioen is working hard on modernising the processing of DC (Defined Contribution) pensions.
They predict a sharp rise in the number of participants in DC pensions in the coming years. This has a major impact on the administration and the underlying systems.
The TKP connect renewal programme was therefore set up to meet the increasing demands made by its customers.

DX was responsible as sub-project manager of the migration. In terms of content, they were on board as a consultant. DX has come up with a sound plan. I’ve never seen something so professional. The migration strategy, the mapping rules from source to target, the controls, the pilot migrations. DX had thought of everything, nothing was left to chance.

Marjanne van der Werff, a DC pension product manager at TKP Pensioen

Main aspects of this data migration



11 months

Completion time

Ohpen & DCA 4

Data migration to Ophen and DCA 4


For this project, the customers’ entire administration was Big Bang-migrated to the new DC unit, including Ohpen. This concerned more than 300,000 investment accounts, 300,000 employment contracts and more than 1.6 million transactions with current investment positions.

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