About Erasmus University Rotterdam

Erasmus University Rotterdam is an internationally oriented research university with a distinct social orientation in its education and research. Its scientists and students work on solving global challenges, inspired by the always dynamic and cosmopolitan city of Rotterdam, which often functions as a living city laboratory.
Thanks to its research impact and the quality of its study programmes, it can compete with the top European universities.

Insight into the quality and completeness of source data

Erasmus University Rotterdam has recently completed the acquisition of a new Research Information System (RIS). This new RIS will be used to support publication management. The old RIS, Metis, will be replaced and the RePub system will function as a Dark Archive. Both systems, Metis and RePub, contain valuable information for publication management. For this reason, it was decided to analyse the quality and completeness of both sources before this data is migrated to the new system.

Erasmus University Rotterdam has asked Data eXcellence to jointly perform a data analysis on the (meta) data of the HR systems of the Erasmus Medical Centre and the university, as well as the Metis and RePub systems.

Erasmus University Rotterdam is the first university in the Netherlands to be named after a person, Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus. A man thanks to whom the city has also been known in the world of learning for centuries. His adage 'Heel de wereld is je vaderland’ (‘any country is your homeland’), is still the motto of the university’s graduates.

Main aspects of this audit



17 business rules

Insight into data quality based on 17 business rules

Two months

Completion time


Insight into the data quality of the three source systems (Metis, RePub and the HR system of Erasmus Medical Centre) based on 17 business rules as drawn up in advance by Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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