What is data migration?

Data migration is processing data from an application in such a way that it can be used by another application. Assuring the correctness of migrated data is an important part of data migration projects. A data migration is typically performed as automated as possible. Automation frees up human resources from tedious tasks, improves quality and reduces costs.

The term data migration can also be used to describe storage migration, cloud migration, database migration or database schema migration. Data eXcellence's focus is on migrating data from one application to another. Howeverm, Data eXcellence also performs other kinds of data migrations.

Critical to get right

Data migration is critical to get right. The reasons mentioned by most customers are:

  • Avoid embarrassing issues with customers, avoid reputation damage
  • Avoid financial loss
  • Meet accounting or legal requirements
  • Meet supervisory authorities requirements

Want to know more about how to go about a data migration? Read the manifesto, download our whitepaper, or contact us.