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The University of Twente is a research university with a focus on technical developments and their significance for people and society. This is reflected in the bachelors and masters degree programmes.

Migration to a new Research Information System

With a view to the rationalisation of the IT landscape, the University of Twente has decided to replace the existing Research Information Systems (RIS) with a single new RIS. As part of this replacement, all historical data from these systems was migrated to the new RIS.

The University of Twente is included in several renowned rankings and is among the top 1% of universities across the globe.

Main aspects of this migration


files migrated

Phased roll-out

data migration strategy per source system


from Metis, E-Prints and Ad-Lib to Pure of Elsevier


DX has migrated the data from four different source systems to the new implementation of Pure (from Elsevier, the supplier).

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