About the province of Drenthe

The province of Drenthe is home to 492,179 inhabitants and has a population density of 187 inhabitants per km². According to Dutch standards, this makes Drenthe a sparsely populated province with space for a lot of nature and tranquillity.
The provincial authorities do important work for its inhabitants in various areas. For example, they are responsible for the landscaping of nature conversation reserves and the maintenance of provincial roads and waterways. In addition, the provincial authorities support all kinds of organisations such as theatres, museums and libraries, as well as institutions in the fields of economy, innovation, nature and sport.

Data quality

The province of Drenthe has set up a data warehouse based on the Key Registers in the BRMO mid-office solution of B3Partners. Before making the data widely accessible for use within the organisation, the data has been checked for content and consistency. The client has drawn up several technical and functional quality rules, which have been validated and reported by DX. Subsequently, the province of Drenthe effectively improved the data.

Drenthe is also known as 't Olde Landschap (the old landscape). Mammoth hunters lived there 60,000 years ago and about 5,000 years ago, the dolmen builders left their monuments in the Drenthe landscape.
These dolmen are megalithic tombs, consisting of boulders that were moved there in the penultimate Ice Age. The Netherlands has 53 dolmen, 52 of which located in the province of Drenthe.

Main aspects

Shortcoming in processing clarified
Added more coherence within the content
Identified actual inaccuracies in the data


During this project, Data eXcellence collaborated with B3Partners, the company that developed the advanced web application for the province of Drenthe.


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