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TVM is a specialist insurer for logistics and transport by road and water and it has a cooperative basis. TVM is recognised and valued as an innovative partner.

Migration of policy records

Following the integration of SON and Noord Nederland Schepenverzekering (NNS) at TVM, the records of both organisations are now also integrated into TVM’s new platform. The first step was to add SON's policy records to the NNS systems. In the future, the NNS records will be integrated into TVM’s system.

The Netherlands comes sixth in the Logistics Performance Index (LPI) of the World Bank. The LPI ranks 160 countries in accordance with their logistical appeal and it measures the efficiency of a country's trade flows. Among other things, it looks at freight transport, storage, customs formalities and payment systems. The Netherlands scores well in terms of infrastructure and logistical quality.

Main aspects of this migration


policies migrated

Big Bang

a single-step data migration


from OSAE to TANGA


DX migrated the policy records of the maritime insurance contracts of SON to the NNS systems so that they can be used as a single source for further integration within TVM.

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