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Data migration of legal and financial data

SRK was using a more than 20-year-old customised solution for dossier management. This solution was grossly obsolete and could no longer be maintained. Basenet was selected as the new solution for dossier management and Exact for accounting. The migration project encompassed the migration of 233,869 dossiers to the two target systems.

“We opted for a big bang migration. That means all of the data is transferred to both Basenet and Exact at the same time. The management board initially wanted a step-by-step migration - doing it in one go is pretty exciting. However, the risks as a result of the complexity of running two systems parallel to each other are bigger.”

Marco Spilt, SRK ICT

Migration key facts


Dossiers migrated

10 months

Successful migration within ten months

BaseNet & Exact

From customised DMS to Exact and BaseNet

Migration from one source system to two target systems

The data from 233,869 dossiers was successfully migrated from the Dossier Management System to Exact and BaseNet within ten months.

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