About Rabobank

Rabobank wants to be a part of building a better living and working environment for and with its customers. Rabobank's prime mission is to help achieve their customers' ambitions.

The Rabobank Group is the largest financial service provider in the Netherlands with an annual net profit of 2 billion Euro (2016). Rabobank is headquartered in Utrecht.

Increase speed and lower operating costs

Rabobank chose SAP to be able to quicker respond to market dynamics. Also, in a highly competitive commercial lending market, reducing operating costs is essential to maintain competitiveness. Rabobank needed to migrate all existing collateral securities from BBS to SAP Banking Software (Commercial Lending)

Being an expert in data migration, Data eXcellence has helped us to achieve our objectives. Not only did Data eXcellence assist us with the actual data migration, but their consultants have also supported us with data analysis, reduction of failures, road maps, test planning and adaptations in SAP.

Harrie Paulissen, Rabobank IT Nederland.

Migration key facts

Over 1 Million

approx. 1.4M collateral contracts migrated

3 steps

Migration in three tranches


Partner with SAP Banking Software (Commercial Lending)

Complex migration to SAP Banking Software

The data of over 1.400.000 contracts was migrated to SAP. DX has in-depth knowledge of SAP Banking software and made some small adaptations to the SAP implementation to reduce failures.

DX's data cleansing capabilities and detailed reporting on cleansed data were very important in this project. It allowed Rabobank to efficiently deal with exceptional contracts.

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