About Rabobank

Rabobank is a social bank. Rabobank wants to make a substantial contribution to the well-being and welfare in the Netherlands and to the solution to the global food issue. In order to achieve those goals, it focuses on reinforcing the customer and his environment.

With annual net profits of 2.2 billion Euros (2015), Rabobank Group is the largest financial service provider in the Netherlands. It has its head office in Utrecht.

Data migration of business loans

Rabobank has developed a new chain for business financing. The primary aim of this new chain is to enable customers to enter their own data as much as possible and as such, to also improve efficiency by means of STP processes.

Our process costs have fallen and customers are now able to arrange more online themselves. Furthermore, we can now devote more attention to our customers at the 100 Rabobank branches.

Martha Tiedema, Rabobank IT Nederland.

Most important aspects of this migration


A total of 180.000 business loans were migrated

3 tranches

Migration in three tranches


From CPS loans to SAP Loans

Complex migration to SAP Loans

The data of more than 180,000 business loans was successfully migrated from CPS loans to SAP Loans.

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