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About Achmea Bank

Achmea Bank is part of Achmea. Achmea Bank provides mortgage loans and savings to private customers only in the Netherlands using the brands Centraal Beheer and Woonfonds.

Outsourcing mortgages

Achmea Bank has outsourced mortgage lending services to Quion. With this outsourcing, Achmea Bank combines high-quality mortgage expertise with the economies of scale that Quion offers.

DX migrates to QSP and Coda

In good teamwork with Achmea Bank and Quion, the migration of the legacy source systems to Quion's QSP and Coda was carried out. More than 110,000 mortgage contracts from Centraal Beheer and Woonfonds have successfully migrated in a big-bang migration.

We were a very good fit and nobody had a tendency to pointing fingers. No, what is the problem, this is going on and how are we going to fix it. That has helped a lot.

Vincent Teekens, COO Achmea Bank

Migration key facts


migrated mortgages

Big Bang

Single step migration


Outsourcing to Quion

Big Bang

DX delivered a complete migrated dataset and a verified migration script for a so-called 'big bang' migration. DX was responsible for result of the data migration.

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