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Data eXcellence specialises in business-critical data migrations. These, for example, can be the result of a package implementation, a merger or a rationalisation of the IT landscape. We have extensive experience - over 150 data migration projects successfully completed - in migrating data within Finance, Utilities, Telecommunications, Government, Healthcare and Education. We offer a suitable solution for every migration project. And always with only one objective in mind: a high-quality migration result and a successful implementation!

As a migration specialist of the highest degree, we also advise on the migration strategy to be followed and carry out audits on data migration projects.

100% guarantee

Data eXcellence guarantees that the migration of your valuable data is 100% accurate. We achieve this by a fully automated regression test of the data migration with a coverage ratio of 100%. We literally check all transformations for all data that we migrate, i.e. not random samples, but 100%. If we detect any anomalies, these findings are immediately addressed and corrected. The end result of this process is a 100% reliable and correct data migration.

Why customers opt for DX


150+ data migration projects successfully completed



Domain knowledge

We know everything about Finance, Utilities, Telecommunications, Government, Healthcare and Education

How we work

To achieve a 100% success rate in data migration, we take the right steps in the right order

First, we clarify what needs to be done: through a thorough analysis of the data, the application landscape and the business processes.

Next, we design the transformations, build them twice in different ways and compare the results. This way, we achieve a fully automated system test of the data migration with 100% coverage.

These customers opt for DX

Data eXcellence is an expert in data migration and apart from concluding the data migration successfully, it also made a valuable contribution to the project team.

Arno Toonders, Rabobank IT Nederland.

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