Data migration approach

Data migration approach

Data eXcellence specialises in business-critical data migrations, such as those as a result of a package implementation, a merger or a rationalisation of the IT landscape.

We have extensive experience - over 150 data migration projects successfully completed - in migrating data within Finance, Utilities, Telecommunication, Government, Healthcare and Education. We combine sector and package knowledge with our tried and tested approach, thereby offering an appropriate solution for many migration projects. And always with only one objective in mind: a high-quality migration result and a successful implementation!

As a migration specialist of the highest degree, we also advise on the migration strategy to be followed and carry out audits on data migration projects.

Reliable basis

Data eXcellence offers a reliable basis for every migration project, thanks to extensive knowledge and experience. We supply a repeatable and predictable process, which means we limit the risks for you as a customer. We use a repeatable and defined process. Our experiences have been translated into a working method based on best practices. This makes us predictable and able to deliver the highest possible data quality, while maintaining full accountability for our data migrations.


We perform every data migration based on our system-targeted approach. This approach prevents the consequences of the most common pitfalls when performing data migrations. This starts with determining the correct migration strategy for the relevant situation. In addition, Data eXcellence uses a proven approach for determining, realising and testing the mapping specifications. Reasoning from the target system, but taking into account the source situation. Finally, aspects such as data quality and architecture also form an integral part of our approach.

Specialist tools

Data eXcellence uses its own specialist tooling to perform data migrations, which are based on the standard ETL principles extended with Audit and Control. The available time frame for data migration is often limited. Our tooling has been developed to process large volumes of data in a short period of time. In addition, the tooling offers standard facilities and building blocks that are necessary for every data migration. Examples include the realisation of transformations, failure processing, measuring and reporting on data quality and auxiliary tools for auditability & traceability.

High degree of automation

Departure point for Data eXcellence is to automate as many aspects of data migration as possible. This prevents errors due to manual intervention and improves repeatability, predictability and performance. We achieve this, for example, by applying code generation based on meta-data. Data migration runs and generating reports are also automated as much as possible.


Demonstrating correctness and completeness is important for every data migration. Comparing the source and target situations is an important aspect, taking into account transformations, mergers, splits and losses. In addition, comparing hash totals can be an important aspect. Data eXcellence offers standard auxiliary tools to be able to accept the data migration based on audit reports. Our reports often form the basis for validation by an auditor or other external regulators, such as the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) or De Nederlandsche Bank N.V. (DNB).

Information security

Data eXcellence is ISO 27001-certified and has been entrusted with confidential and special data of many of its customers, whether they are banks, government agencies or healthcare institutions. Our infrastructure and working method are fully geared to the safe processing of sensitive data and information.

Tailored to the situation

Data eXcellence tailors its services depending on the situation. Need more assurance? Do the standard checks suffice? Opting for a waterfall approach or an iterative model instead? Do you want to host the infrastructure for the migration or rather not? They are all different situations that require tailored services.

Assurance & depth

Data eXcellence always produces reports to demonstrate correctness and completeness. However, in some cases, more certainty is desired than check counts and hash totals can provide. Sometimes, 100% certainty is necessary. We can provide this assurance. For example, by performing a 100% comparison or the redundant set-up of a migration street.


Data eXcellence applies a structured approach for performing data migrations. Iteratively, but in clear sequential steps. When the target system is still in development (or has not even been selected yet), we are able to adapt the approach to the situation. For example, by having the migration approach run synchronously to the agile development of the target system, or by using an intermediate model in case the target system is not available yet.


In some situations, it is wise not to migrate all source data to the new landscape. Phasing out the source system is usually part of the business case. Data eXcellence provides support in archiving data that is not migrated, but which must still be retained.


Data eXcellence offers several options for the necessary infrastructure to host data migrations. We have an ISO 27001-certified environment with all the necessary and scalable facilities to transport data and perform data migrations. However, we can also fully implement migrations on the client’s infrastructure.

Migration to package software

DX has extensive experience in migrating data to various standard packages. You check the complete list here.

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