Cloud Migrations

Data migration to the cloud

Whether it concerns the implementation of ERP, CRM or industry-specific packages; transitions to the cloud are made with great regularity. When implementing a cloud application or SaaS solution, data usually also needs to be migrated from legacy systems.

A data migration to the cloud requires special attention.

Smart tools make it possible

The concepts of migrating to the cloud are similar to ‘traditional’ deployments. Extraction, Transformation and Load still exist. However, the techniques used differ.

Cloud applications use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs); interfaces that applications use to communicate with the cloud application. Data migration is also done via APIs. Smart tools make that possible!

These tools enable you to migrate data via APIs to the cloud in a controlled manner. Important points for attention are matters such as performance, infrastructure, sequentiality and logging.

Architecture of a data migration system with a cloud solution as target environment.

Specialist in cloud migrations

Data eXcellence has extensive experience in migrating data to the cloud. Examples include large-scale implementations of Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365 or industry-specific solutions such as Ohpen and Mambu.

We have the necessary knowledge, experience and smart tools to enable a successful migration to the cloud.

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Specialist in cloud migrations

Expert in migrations to the cloud. A well-supported process and specialised tools.


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