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In the case of business-critical data migrations, validating with just samples, counters or hash totals does not suffice. These instruments do not exclude mismatches and intentional/unintentional exchanges, for example. More is needed to ensure a successful business-critical data migration!

Data eXcellence has extensive services and tools to provide certainty about your data migration, whether performed by yourself, another party or by us.

We offer:

  • Audit & second opinion. Is the correct data migration strategy being followed? Do the validations offer sufficient coverage? Are migration risks properly controlled?
  • Migration control. Checking a data migration for correctness and completeness based on a risk analysis.
  • Reconciliation. 100% link-up of target and source data.

This gives you the assurance that your business-critical data migration is carried out properly.


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Reconciliation means that we compare the migrated data with the original. That sounds easier than it is. If you want to compare data in different systems, it is like comparing apples and pears: quite difficult!

We resolve this by bringing all migrated data from both the source and target system into a common ontology or domain model. Here we can compare the data of the source system and the target system. In the event of an anomaly, it is deemed a reportable finding.

Data eXcellence has access to various domain models, which means that an important step has been taken towards full data reconciliation.



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