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Here at Data eXcellence, we have a passion for data. More specifically, a passion for data migrations and data quality. A passion to ensure that a customer can start working with his data immediately after commissioning a new system. We call this functional migration. After all, it is about the functionality of the system.

Correctness is our guarantee

The correctness of data is our guarantee. In order to promise this, we perform thorough checks during data migration. Accuracy of data has everything to do with data quality. If the data quality of the source system is insufficient or unknown, we can clean it up straight away and maintain the right level in the new situation. Checking data migration and raising data quality is a standard part of any data migration and we also offer this as a separate service.

A world full of experience

We have been doing this for over a decade and bank on over 500,000 hours of experience. More than 60 specialists assist customers all over Europe from our locations in Nieuwegein and Groningen, the Netherlands.

Why? We are passionate about what we do. We enjoy the work, together as a team and with our customers. We always go the extra mile if needed, always aiming for success. We do a lot together: annual weekends away with partners, sports, games, lunches and concluding the week, of course, with a drink on Friday afternoon. In short, we are a close-knit team.

Our ambition

Data eXcellence is currently working on high-quality data migrations, data quality projects and data migration audits in various domains, in several European countries. We are proud of where we are at this moment. Our ambition? To make data eXcellence the leading data migration specialist in Europe. This means further growth in customers, people and our knowledge.

DX Management Board: Guido Jurgens and Alexander Bosschaart

6 reasons to opt for DX


Over 500,000 hours


Maximum quality at all times


Continuous innovation and improvement


Knowledge of many domains and systems


With each other and the customer, geared for success


ISO 27001-certified

Knowledge leader

We know a lot about data migrations, data quality and data migration checks. We think it is important to share this knowledge. And we think it is important to learn and to continuously supplement our knowledge.

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Trusted by many

Data eXcellence is the trusted partner for data migration and data quality for many organisations. Whether it is a digital transformation, rationalisation of the application landscape, a system that has reached the end of its life or a combination of systems. Data eXcellence is the trusted name to help.

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