Preliminary Data Migration Study

A preliminary data migration study is essential for identifying and mitigating risks, ensuring a smooth transition, and maintaining data integrity and compliance. It encompasses a detailed assessment and planning phase, laying the groundwork for a successful, efficient, and risk-managed data migration process.

Key take-aways

  1. Data Migration's Strategic Role. Data migration is a strategic necessity for organisational adaptability and effective data asset utilisation, requiring detailed planning and technology for integration during organisational changes.
  2. Data Migration Risks. Data migration poses risks like data loss, operational disruptions, and compliance issues, impacting operational efficiency, finances, and customer trust.
  3. Value of Preliminary Study. An preliminary study identifies and addresses risks, ensuring a smooth, cost-optimised, compliant migration while maintaining data integrity.
  4. Components of a Preliminary Study. A comprehensive study includes defining scope, developing strategy, outlining control plans, and budgeting to align migration with organisational goals.
  5. Need for Expertise. Industry-specific skilled professionals are crucial for optimal migration outcomes, ensuring data integrity, security, and quality.


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