White paper: Data migration is a success factor

When the new ERP system goes live, you have to be confident that critical business processes will continue to function properly. With your own data. Undoubtedly, a lot of attention is paid to the functionality of the new system. But without reliable and well-migrated data, the continuity of the processes after going live is not guaranteed.

Data eXcellence is an expert in migrating data as part of ERP implementations. We know how data quality affects how the new package works. And we have a lot of experience in determining the best migration strategy!

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Why customers opt for DX

Migration Factory

A well-supported process and specialised tools.


500,000 hours of experience with data migrations

Target system

Experience with various ERP systems such as Infor, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365, AFAS

How we work

Data eXcellence has in-house specialists who support you in the migration of your data: determining an appropriate strategy, implementing the data migration and ascertaining the correctness and completeness. Our specialists are also perfectly suited for providing insight into the quality of your data and supporting you in improving data quality.

We have specialist tools, the necessary infrastructure, reference models and standard building blocks for performing data migrations and data quality assignments.