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A controlled data migration is a critical success factor for the implementation of IT systems. Do you have everything in order to start the data migration? Use the free data migration checklist to be sure! Enter your details here and you will receive the checklist immediately by e-mail.


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Why customers opt for DX

Migration Factory

A proven approach and specialist tools


150+ data migration projects already successfully completed


Data eXcellence

Data eXcellence is the European market leader in mission-critical data migrations following a package implementation, merger, or rationalisation of the IT landscape.
Data eXcellence has successfully completed more than 150 data quality and data migration projects in the finance, utilities, government, healthcare and education sectors. DX combines industry knowledge with a proven approach to provide a suitable solution for many migration challenges. And with only one objective in mind: a high-quality migration result and a successful implementation!

As part of data migrations, DX specialises in measuring and improving data quality. In addition, DX advises on migration strategies and conducts audits related to data migration projects. Data eXcellence provides services to European customers from its headquarters in the Netherlands. DX focuses on the Northern European market and is currently active in Germany, Iceland and Switzerland.