HAVEP is a workwear manufacturer in Goirle. They make workwear that offers prestige, comfort and safety.

Data migration from an ERP system

HAVEP has replaced the old ERP system MOVEX for M3. During this project, Data eXcellence took care of the data migration to M3. Customers, suppliers, ready-made items (including configuration), warehouse stocks, open schedules and open invoices were migrated.

Hendrik van Puijenbroek founded H. van Puijenbroek in 1865. With a starting capital of 1500 guilders, he started out as a linen merchant.
150 years later, Van Puijenbroek Textiel received the Royal designation.

Main aspects of this data migration


customers, suppliers, SKUs

one year

completion time


from MOVEX to M3


To complete this project, Data eXcellence developed migration software, exported source data and imported target data. Subsequently, checklists were delivered to support the (core) users.

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