About Cornèr Bank

Founded in Lugano in 1952, Cornèr Bank Group is a Swiss independent private bank group operating on the national market as a full-service bank. Active across the whole range of traditional banking services, Cornèr Bank Group specialises in the private banking sector, as well as in the areas of lending, Visa, MasterCard and Diners Club payment cards (Cornèrcard) and online trading (CornèrTrader).

Credit card portfolio to CCMS

Cornèr Bank migrated the CC-CH credit card portfolio from NIS to CCMS. Cornèr requested DX to execute the data migration.

Main aspects of this migration


1,600,000 cards and 1,000,000 persons

15 months


CCMS, Authentic, UPAT

Target systems


Successful data migration of CC-CH credit cards completed in the beginning of May 2021

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