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The Data Quality Impact Report 2021 van DX shows that data quality is an important topic for Dutch organisations. Data Quality Management is receiving more and more attention, but the extent to which varies greatly. The importance of reliable data is widely recognised, but only a limited number of the companies surveyed draw up data policies and work on the basis of these to proactively improve data quality.

Organisations spend a relatively large amount of time and money on preventing, monitoring and resolving DQ issues. Many companies respond reactively to data incidents and disruptions. They don’t have an exact picture of the quantity and cause of data issues. Nor do they have a clear idea of the costs involved in solving the data issues and the disruptions caused by these issues in the business processes. The survey shows that 75% of companies want to develop a (better) DQ policy in the near future, because they recognise that the quality and reliability of business data is important to the company’s success.

To get started on improving data quality, a structured and phased approach is recommended. To help you with this, DX has prepared a checklist that you can use when preparing and executing the five phases of a data quality project. This checklist shows the start and end conditions for each phase, making it easier for you to determine whether you have missed anything.

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As part of data migrations, DX specialises in measuring and improving data quality. In addition, DX advises on migration strategies and conducts audits related to data migration projects. Data eXcellence provides services to European customers from its headquarters in the Netherlands. DX focuses on the Northern European market and is currently active in Germany, Iceland and Switzerland.