About VZVZ

The Association of Healthcare Providers for Healthcare Communication (VZVZ) is responsible for exchanging information within the healthcare sector. In 2020, VZVZ launched a care address book, ZORG-AB. ZORG-AB meets the need for a single reliable and up-to-date source with detailed and digital address data of healthcare providers in the Netherlands.

Filling ZORG-AB

To give ZORG-AB relevant and usable content, care addresses are brought together from multiple sources. DX took care of the selection of the correct data and the uniform delivery of data. It was important to determine as carefully as possible which data relates to the same healthcare provider to be able to merge them responsibly. Based on name and address comparison, more than 200,000 healthcare providers were compared and, if possible, matched. The data was then read into ZORG-AB, from where the care providers can be consulted.

“The specialism of data management and data integration is often underestimated, but it is invaluable in the success of these types of projects. Creating a high-quality and reliable healthcare address book sounds so simple, but when information from multiple sources on more than 100,000 healthcare providers comes together, processing thousands of mutations per week, the expertise of Data eXcellence is really necessary. This year, we will continue our professional and pleasant cooperation.”

Main aspects of this project

Identifying imperfections in the source systems

Selection and standardisation of relevant data

Performing data quality checks


During this project, Data eXcellence worked closely with DXC Technology. This automation company has developed ZORG-AB for VZVZ and is responsible for the maintenance, support and hosting of ZORG-AB.

In addition, project teams worked together with the various suppliers of the address data, including VZVZ, Vektis and Patiëntenfederatie Nederland. In 2021, the cooperation will also be expanded with suppliers of other source systems.

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