About the Land Registry Office

The Land Registry Office is responsible for technical management of the National Facility (LV) Key Register of Addresses and Buildings (BAG). The LV-BAG is complete and kept up to date by the source holders. Customers can connect to the BAG by reading in a one-time life cycle file and maintaining it on the basis of the update files supplied by the Land Registry Office.

Data quality of the Key Register of Addresses and Buildings

The Land Registry Office aims to verify the content of the Key Register of Addresses and Buildings by means of frequent verification processes.
The data of 9 million addresses and 10 million properties is validated on the basis of statutory and business rules. A monthly report is issued to the local authorities (the source holders) on the basis of identified deviations, which is used as a basis for improving the content of the BAG.

In 1810, the Netherlands was annexed to France, resulting in the introduction of land tax. Measurements, estimates and registration of land ownership were started within the context of that tax. This marked the early beginning of the land register.

Main aspects of this audit



For this audit, collaboration has been sought with the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (bearing functional responsibility for the BAG register) and the Land Registry Office, the technical manager of the BAG.

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