About Univé

Univé is one of the biggest insurance companies in the Netherlands. Univé is a non-profit cooperative society, its customers are also its members. These members/insured parties are the key element, not the pursuit of profit. The basic principle is that the members can see the positive results reflected in the form of profit-sharing, premium discounts and increasingly better products and services.

Migration to Sharepoint Online

Univé wants to move the documents from its staff portal to the digital archive. This archive is set up in Microsoft’s Sharepoint Online. This requires a migration of documents and metadata in the form of so-called customer cards. A customer card contains all historical requests, including all attachments.

On average, the Dutch tend to take out more insurance than other Europeans. The Dutch spend an average of 4.2% of their income on insurance.

Main aspects of this migration

1.5 TB

documents and associated metadata migrated

Big Bang

a single-step data migration

Sharepoint Online

from a staff portal to Sharepoint Online (Microsoft)


DX successfully migrated all documents and associated metadata from the staff portal to Microsoft’s Sharepoint Online in time and within budget.

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