About Fontys

Fontys is the largest professional college in the south of the Netherlands and offers high-quality higher professional education and practice-oriented research that really makes a difference in society. Education and research link up seamlessly with current and future student demands and needs, the field of work and (regional) society. Together with the professionals and partners, they form a large knowledge network in which they take joint social responsibility and contribute to innovations in their field of work.

Conversion check of the Student Information System

Fontys has implemented a new Student Information System (SIS). The data was converted by the supplier from the old SIS to the new system. The conversion check had to be carried out by an external party.

The name Fontys is derived from 'fons', which is Latin for 'source'. By using this reference, Fontys as an institution aims to be a source of knowledge for its students.

Main aspects of this data reconciliation


Provided insight into the correctness and completeness of the data migration


Provided tooling and infrastructure to carry out the conversion check


Contributed to a successful implementation


DX carried out the conversion check of the new SIS. DX has provided insight into the correctness and completeness of the data migration by comparing the source and target environment. In addition, data from the Education Executive Agency has been used as reference data.

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