About Gasunie

Gasunie is an energy network company. It manages and maintains the infrastructure for the large-scale transmission and storage of gas in the Netherlands and northern Germany. At the moment, this mainly concerns natural gas but thanks to the energy transition, that will continue to shift to green gas and hydrogen. Gasunie is also working on the construction and management of heat and CO₂ networks. Gasunie ensures this part of the energy supply progresses as safely, undisturbed and sustainably as possible.

Herstructurering SAP-PM

As part of the restructuring of SAP-PM, it was necessary to gain an insight into the quality of the source data so as to prevent any issues during the data migration.

Unlike natural gas, green gas does not require fossil fuels. Green gas is mainly made of organic residual material such as sewage sludge and fertilizer. Popular technologies include fermentation and gasification. The resulting biogas is collected and improved, giving it the same quality as natural gas.

Main aspects of this migration

Data quality

DX has created transparency about the technical and functional data quality for SAP-PM


DX issued advice on the basis of the measuring results


DX carried out both the zero-measurement and follow-up measurements

Creating transparency about data quality

DX has created transparency about the technical and functional data quality of the relevant data within SAP-PM. Based on these insights, DX issued advice on the measures needed in order to be able to mitigate the risks during the data migration. The measures included cleaning and enriching data, eliminating double entries and making the data uniform.

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