About the Drents Overijsselse Delta water board

The Drents Overijsselse Delta water board provides a safe living environment with water, sufficient water for farmers and businesses and clean water in towns and beyond.

Historic data consolidated

The Drents Overijsselse Delta water board [WDOD] is a merger of the Reest en Wieden water board and the Groot Salland water board. This new organisation has commissioned a new implementation of Decos. The historic data from the old systems was consolidated into a consultancy environment, after which the old systems were switched off.

The territory of the Drents Overijsselse Delta water board covers 255,000 hectares. It is home to more than 620,000 residents in 22 towns and cities. It encompasses 7,100 kilometres of rivers, canals, watercourses and ditches. The 1,960 weirs and 340 pumping stations make sure water remains at the right level.


DX has merged all the historic data from the two old Decos implementations. DX has developed and supplied a consultancy system that can be used to consult the historic data.

The data from both databases was integrated into a single consultancy database, based on the TMLO standard. The users will have access via a modern web-based interface. This interface offers extensive search and consultancy features, including the option to export files and documents to JOIN, Decos’ case system.

The result enabled the water board to switch off the old source systems.

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