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Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs, or DUO, is the body that implements educational legislation and schemes on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science. DUO also implements the Civic Integration Act on behalf of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.

PVS migration at DUO

As part of the programme to reform the student loans scheme, the so-called Programma Vernieuwing Studiefinanciering (PVS), DUO is modernising the current systems, processes, and organisational units involved in implementing the 2000 Student Finance Act. As part of these reforms, data is migrated from legacy systems to the new application landscape. Together with Sogeti, DX is responsible for ensuring this complex and wide-ranging data migration proceeds in a controlled manner. For DUO, this is ‘the largest IT operation in its history’.

It has been a great pleasure for me to work with DX over the past few years. Without fail, the DX employees we worked with were dedicated and showed a great sense of responsibility, which came to the fore in their high level of flexibility. And these traits are subsequently supplemented with high levels of knowledge and excellent quality of the work performed. In short, DX has made my life a lot easier!

Michiel van Galen Last, PVS Project Manager

Main aspects of this migration

4.8 million

4.8 million persons migrated

Step by step

Migration in three steps


From batch-based to real-time processing


Over the past years, all parties involved worked hard on preparations for this sizeable operation. As part of these preparations, smaller target groups were migrated to the new landscape at an earlier stage. In April 2018, the largest and final step of the programme was completed. Together with Sogeti, DX completed the whole data migration successfully, including data restructuring, formatting, validation, deduplication, and purging. After seven trial migrations involving all the data from September 2017, nearly 25 billion records were ultimately processed in the migration environment, while 5 billion records of data were delivered to DUO.

This last step was completed in three stages: the first stage consisted in backing up the data from the old system, following which the data could be extracted and converted. Stage two was all about loading the historical data and then loading the data through the system’s business logic. And the third stage was the stage of intensive checks to assess the quality and integrity of the data migration.  This third stage ultimately showed that no customer data was lost during the process, and that no irregularities have occurred in the migrated data.

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