About Studielink

Students can now arrange for their (re-)enrolment at a college or university in the Netherlands themselves, using the Studielink website. Stichting Studielink is developing a professional infrastructure that ensures, among other things, that the enrolment information reaches the (future) educational institution. This information exchange between students, colleges, universities and the government ensures that students only have to enrol or de-enrol in one place and that they can enter, check, revisit and use the information again and again.

Data migration enrolment of foreign students

At the beginning of October, Studielink put into production Het Nieuwe Studielink (HNS). At the time, this did not include enrolment for foreign students (DVS). DVS will go into production at the beginning of April 2019.
DX has been asked to check the DVS data migration for content and completeness.

Excellent cooperation

Manon Blom, Studielink

Main aspects of this migration

25.000 & 19.000

Applications & changes


Processing time in weeks




The data migration was completed successfully in March 2019

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