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Lefier was formed on 1 January 2009, following the merger of three housing associations, In (Groningen), Volksbelang (Hoogezand-Sappemeer) and Wooncom (Emmen, Borger-Odoorn, Stadskanaal). Lefier rents out homes in the municipalities of Groningen, Midden-Groningen, Stadskanaal, Borger-Odoorn and Emmen. The housing association consists of three housing departments, namely Lefier Stad Groningen with 12,000 residential units, Lefier Hoogezand/Stadskanaal with 7,000 residential units and Lefier Zuidoost Drenthe with 12,000 residential units.

The integration

The integration of the primary automation systems of these organisations forms a part of Project ONE!. Since October 2014, Lefier employees have been using a single, shared system, Dynamics Empire. The data of the three original housing associations had to be migrated to this new system, if possible and desirable.  Measuring and improving data quality formed an integrated part of the desired data migration.

Proof of concept

The housing department in Emmen (formerly known as Wooncom) used the TOBIAS system, which registered the rent of the approximately 19,000 rental properties. By means of a simple Proof-of-Concept, has now demonstrated how it would complete a data migration from TOBIAS, paying explicit attention to aspects such as data quality, turnaround time and a fast, adjustable transformation. Like the three other source systems, the data to be migrated was moved to a generic data model, which supplier Cegeka-dsa then read into Empire. Based on the POC, Lefier decided to award the contract and DX built the migration software during a  3-month period. On the basis of the successful results of the TOBIAS migration, Lefier asked DX to take care of the migration from the other source systems (NCCW and TOBIAS-AX) as well.

“DX’s structural approach created much-needed calm during a hectic migration period. You promptly provided the right insight into the migration problem and you came up with a specific solution for existing issues. You use short lines, you’re easy to contact, you’re critical and focused on finding a solution. All in all, you’re great to work with”

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