Rabobank and Friesland Bank now form a single bank.

Since 1 April 2012, Friesland Bank N.V. has formed a part of the Rabobank Group (after the banking licence of Friesland Bank N.V. was revoked on 15 December 2014, the name was changed to Friesland Zekerheden Maatschappij N.V.)  As a result of the switch to Rabobank, Friesland Bank discontinued its services in 2014, following which the products and services of Friesland Bank customers had to be taken over by local Rabobank branches or other units of the Rabobank Group. DX was asked to structure this migration.

From requirements to realisation

At the start of 2013, after a successful Proof-of-Concept, with DX completing an operational prototype of the migration process in a two-week period, Friesland Bank chose DX as its partner for the implementation and data migration of its payment and savings products.

DX then fulfilled various roles during a 1.5-year period, from specifying requirements, making designs, to the actual building of the migration software by means of its own tooling, the DataMigration Workbench.

During the actual production execution, DX also filled various key positions in the Expertise team such as the Payment & Savings Expert Team. In this role, DX made an important and reliable chain-wide migration contribution to the successful data migration.

“The insights you give us and your problem-solving abilities have been of critical importance to get us where we are now. Also, we very much enjoyed working with you thanks to your perseverance and positive approach."

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Most important aspects of this migration

Payment and savings

From wish to realisation

Phased migration

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DX’s own migration tooling

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