Ever larger volumes of data are being collected and stored electronically, making it increasingly complex to retrieve the right information. Want to efficiently merge different data streams and provide access? We can help you with that.

More and more data

The effective running of business processes increasingly depends on the availability and integration of both internal and external data. Aside from that, the integration of new data streams into business processes often also produces new commercial opportunities. One example is the inclusion of an external source (such as the Trade Register) in a business process to keep your relationship details up to date.

integration of data streams

By data integration we mean the efficient and effective integration of different (internal and external) data streams to ensure optimum support for a business process. Besides technical data integration, the understanding, purging, merging, monitoring, and providing of access to data also plays a crucial role.

Specialist tooling

We use specialist tooling: DXF and DMW. These solutions make it possible to complete projects faster and with less effort and outlay. And they make managing it all a whole lot simpler!

We’re happy to help

We can help you with advice on future-proof and scalable architecture. And we will support you in making specifications and a design. You can even outsource development and management of your data integration process to us in full. Please get in touch for a no-obligations consultation.

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