About FGH Bank

FGH Bank is a specialist property bank and is part of Rabobank.

The knowledge, expertise and networks in the field of commercial property of FGH Bank and Rabobank have been united in a single property organisation: Rabo Real Estate Finance.

Migration of FGH mortgage loans to Rabobank administrative department

Rabobank wanted to phase out the FGH label as an independent label and place all corporate FGH mortgage loans in a single administrative department. This project was the first migration to the new SAP-based architecture of Rabobank Financing. The preparations for the data migration ran parallel to the development of the new architecture.

Data eXcellence is an expert in data migration and apart from concluding the data migration successfully, it also made a valuable contribution to the project team.

Arno Toonders, Rabobank IT Nederland

Migration key facts


3,761 corporate mortgage loans migrated

5 tranches

Data migration completed in five tranches




The data migration of 3,761 corporate mortgage loans from FGH's SAP ERP system to the Rabobank SAP environment has resulted in a successful production conversion.

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