About Lacent

Lacent is part of RFS Holland Holding and a sister company of Dutch e-commerce giant wehkamp and fonQ. Lacent manages all financial transactions for both companies and offers various financial services to their clients.

Data migration with huge numbers in a short time

Lacent replaced their mainframe based system with Topicus Finan in order to better support a multi channel customer experience for multiple labels. The complete debtors/creditors portfolio consisting of millions of clients, including historical data needed to migrate to the new system. As e-commerce platforms are always open for business, the challenge was to execute the actual migration in the shortest time possible. 

We managed to reduce the total migration time from 70 to 7 hours by deploying extra big servers - limiting the down time for the e-commerce platforms. The migration took place in the first quarter of 2015.

Migration key facts

Clients and transactions

Millions of clients, hundreds of millions of transactions

Big Bang

Single step migration in 7 hours


Partnering with Topicus

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