We know how pensions work

Data eXcellence has tailored migration solutions for pensions. We understand your products, processes, technologies and speak your language! Our solutions are based on the Pension Reference model of IG&H.

The solutions are based on our best practices. It contains re-usable components for popular pensions systems, a system-independent business object model and a control framework which targets the product-specific metrics. The solutions are customised to the relevant country-specific situation. 

Pensions come in two flavours, defined benefit and defined contribution. Depending on the flavour, you build up an pension entitlement or just capital. Especially in the grown up Dutch market, the pension product can be - and very often is - very complex. There is a lot of legislation that has changed over time with impact on the pensions. Migrating data from these systems is generally a complex endeavour.

Partnerships form an important component of our solution. In the Netherlands, we closely work together with our partner IG&H. IG&H brings reference models and extensive business knowledge to the table. This allows us to offer our usual 100% guarantees in conjunction with a cost-effective data migration solution.

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