We know how insurances work

Data eXcellence has solutions for life and non-life insurance migrations. Whether you are upgrading to a new system or insourcing a portfolio, DX guarantees a smooth process, support for data cleansing and of course accountability for proving correctness. Insurance migrations are seldom one-on-one: splitting or combining policies based on coverage is normal practice. And often target systems have a very different way of calculating the premium. Keeping the premium less or equal to the current one is paramount for customers. Checking these and tweaking discount percentages in the target system is an example of how the customer base is maintained over migrations.

Life insurances

Accrued value is what the focus needs to be on in Life insurance migrations.

Non-life insurances

In non-life migrations the issues are: claims, matching the premiums and getting clauses/coverage right.

DX has experience in migrating insurance policies for Auto/Motor, Income protection, Life, Property and most other types of insurance.

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