We understand banking

Data eXcellence has tailored migration solutions for banking. We understand your products, processes, technologies and speak your language! For almost all aspects of banking DX has specific solutions, including payments, savings, securities, mortgages, consumer credit, real estate, commercial finance and credit cards.

The solutions are based on our best practices. It contains re-usable components for popular banking platforms, a system-independent business object model and a control framework which targets the product-specific metrics. The solutions are customised to the relevant country-specific situation.


Mortgages in the Netherlands, for example, the best practice is to migrate only back-office data and not the massive amount of mid-office data. This mid-office data is mostly relevant during origination. A notable exception is risk associated mid-office data - this data ought to be migrated.

Credit cards

Credit cards migrations are challenging due to the small migration time-window. 100% up-time needs to be guaranteed during the migration.


Savings migrations are generally simpler than securities migration as these do not require migration of standing orders. An exception to the rule is for example the Iceland specific indexed and blocking-lifecycle accounts. These do require extra attention!

Software partnerships form an important component of our solution. We re-use knowledge and migration components for popular software platforms: SAP Banking, the Sopra Banking Platform, Topicus Force Suite and Fundation, Idella’s BGS and others. We highly value our multi-level relationships with these companies:  it ensures a smooth migration project and it allows us to tackle any issues together.

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