Nice to meet you! We are DX. We know everything about data and we always aim for the very best result. That is our mentality. We offer solutions for data migration, data quality and reconciliation. We do this with a lot of domain knowledge for finance, government, education, utilities and industry.


We are all about data: data migration, data quality, and reconciliation. We draw from a lot of experience: more than 500,000 hours. Our specialist tooling ensures we work efficiently and deliver high-quality results.

Data migration

Data eXcellence specialises in business-critical data migrations. We have only one objective in mind: a high-quality migration result and a successful implementation!

Data quality

Our data quality services ensure a seamless data migration through cleaning, enriching, and standardising your data.


Audit & reconciliation

Ensure a successful business-critical data migration through audit & second opinion, migration control, and reconciliation.

Project delivery

Everything needed to succeed in the data migration project: PMO office, business analyses, process management, and testing.



Project delivery services are powered by DynaFin Consulting, member of Alan Allman Associates ecosystem.

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