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Your partner in complex data migration

Specialist in data migration

Are you looking for a first-class specialist in the accurate and secure conversion and migration of data? Data eXcellence combines knowledge of the financial sector and semi government companies with data migration know-how.

  • The interruption of business operations,
  • errors in communication with your clients,
  • losing clients, problems with connecting to your financial administration,
  • savings accounts without a balance,

these are the consequences of incorrect implementation of data migration. Correcting these problems means months or even years of extra work. By opting for Data eXcellence you avoid these and similar problems. Data eXcellence guarantees the continuity of your operation.

Quality, verifiability and security

Data eXcellence has a standard and excellent approach for data migration. This guarantees the quality and accuracy of the data.

  • proven successful in dozens of complex data migrations
  • a standard approach whereby people, tools and working methods are tailored to one another
  • reliable planning in advance
  • reliable estimation of costs before commencement
  • real time monitoring during the entire process with an extensive control framework
  • the security of your data is guaranteed: strictly-secured areas, encryption and other security measures ensure maximum security
  • ISO-27001:2005 certified

Your advantages

Choosing Data eXcellence means you are choosing the one and only true expert in complex migrations. Carrying out data migrations is our core activity. This ensures a smooth process with a flawless end result. Working with Data eXcellence means:

  • less stress
  • 100% certainty
  • complete control
  • no budgetary surprises

In short, with Data eXcellence you avoid a lot of fuss later on.
For more information please contact us.


Syntrus Achmea RE&F investeert in hypotheekbedrijf


19 juni 2017 – Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance gaat flink investeren in de verdere verbetering van de dienstverlening gericht op het verstrekken en beheren van hypotheken. Consumenten én...

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Data eXcellence carries out a successful data migration for Robeco


Robeco and i-PensionSolutions announced in June 2015 that they would be bundling their forces by merging Robeco PPI with i-PensionSolutions. The merger meant that it was necessary to combine the...

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Successful Rabobank migration with Data eXcellence


 Rabobank, one of the largest banks in the Netherlands, is busy renewing its application landscape. SAP has a central role in the new application landscape, handling the back-office administration of...

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Argenta mortgage portfolio migrated smoothly


On the weekend of 10 and 11 October 2015, Data eXcellence successfully completed the data migration of the mortgage records of Argenta Savings Bank Netherlands to Quion. As of that...

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We focus on one thing: when the client turns on the switch everything must work.

(Alexander Bosschaart, managing consultant)

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